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Partially Generated Classes in C++

An interesting problem which I've seen come up decently often in C++ code generators is how to deal with what I'm calling "partially generated classes". We want to generate methods and members for a class which call other methods on that class added by the implementation.

Potential Solutions

I'm not …

Cleaning up XPConnect

Recently I was working on some patches to clean up and improve the code in Gecko's XPConnect module. As they ended up being somewhat complex & required me obtaining a lot of information about how XPConnect works, I ended up writing some pretty in-depth commit messages.

I figured that they were …

"Wouldn't it be neat if you could write C++ inline in Rust?"

In June of 2015, I had an idea. At the time, I was obsessed with compilers, and what was possible to do at compile time. For one of the languages which I was working on, I got excited by the idea that I could have flawless C++ interop by embedding …